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When I ask you what your phone number is, you’ve got that super close, nice and bright, easy to retrieve.

But When I ask you to remember the name of your favorite school teacher, you have to stretch a little bit, but you are eventually being able to retrieve it, throw it into your conscious mind and remember it.

If I ask you to tell me when you last saw a hamster, you will scan this bright memories and you won’t find it. The last time you saw a hamster is probably way out and lurking in some dark part…

Okay, this some super strange stuff happening online now.

First Look at this tweet.

The first tweet ever in the history of twitter. The tweet was by Jack Dorsey. One of the cofounders of twitter. And this tweet was somehow just purchased for 2,915,835.47$. And it is not just a tweet.

Just last month a single jpeg sold for 69 million dollars. The NBA is selling little moments of basketball games for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is all sort of digital things that people are purchasing a version of them for lots of money.

There are three simple letters that you need to understand to understand…

Is getting More Expensive to Live

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Have you noticed just how much prices have been going up for everything lately? Nearly half of people in the US say that the biggest threat to their financial security is the cost of living and there’s a lot of data I want to show you today.

Papa bank — the Federal Reserve just released the inflation data and economists thought we were going to have 4.9% inflation but instead we got 5.4% inflation which is the highest annual inflation numbers we’ve had since 2008

Take a look at the food sector, it says 2.4% which can be confused as…

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is pushing top U.S. financial regulators to expedite their consideration of new rules to police so-called stablecoins, a type of cryptocurrency that’s seen rapid recent growth and remains largely autonomous.

The Federal Reserve chairman just said we don’t need Bitcoin, we don’t need Ethereum, all these cryptocurrencies are failed payment systems. They also said stable coins need to be regulated, the government is working on their own version and we will know more by September. …

WhatsApp has launched its first major privacy-focused advertising campaign in the UK.

It follows a customer backlash against changes to its terms and conditions, announced earlier this year.

The platform also said it is standing firm against pressure from governments, including the UK, to compromise on the way that it encrypts messages.

Authorities should “demand more security” rather than less, WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart told the BBC.

“The first step of keeping people safe is, you have to have strong security, and we think governments shouldn’t be out there trying to encourage tech companies to offer weak security,” he said.

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Nike started business to distribute a Japanese sneaker shoes, Tiger, in the United States which went by the name of Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964.

Its founders have a very good coach-student relationship back in the days where both were still at University of Oregon; Bowerman was Knight’s coach seeking a better running shoes and Knight loves athletics so much that he could not live without it.

The good relationship continues to start a business together, Blue Ribbon Sports. After the success of Tiger shoes, Nike is born in 1971. Nike is actually the…

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Pope Francis before assuming his role for leader of the catholic church used to be known by name Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

He also became the first Pope from another continent other than Europe, He is from South America being the first Pope from the America continent.

I know this might be a shock for you but Pope Francis used to work a night club in his childhood city, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This was first reported by an Italian newspaper called Gazzetta del Sud in march of 2013, which wrote “As a student he worked as a bouncer at a nightclub…

Here is why Millennial Net Worth has been declining

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Millennial Net Worth: CNBC reports that, in 1989, when baby boomers were around the same age as millennials are today…they controlled 21% of the nations wealth, which is almost 5X HIGHER than Millennials own, today — here’s why:

  1. Student Loan Debt On average, the cost of a college education has risen 65% in the last 10 years. Alongside that… wage growth — on average — has only gone up about 26% in the last 10 years…And to make matters worse…on average, millennials who graduate with a student loan have a debt…

Lets discuss the story that BlackRock is purchasing entire neighborhoods for 20–50% over asking, funded by the federal reserve, and using your tax dollars to buy real estate.

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Here are my thoughts on the current state of the housing market, housing inventory, and the future of the real estate market in 2021.

So, basically…here’s what’s actually going on.

It’s understandable that people are ANGRY, and it’s easy to blame a faceless, nameless wall street corporation as the root cause…but, truth be told…you want to know who’s driving up the housing prices? It’s literally EVERYONE looking to buy a house, incentive…

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To start, lets talk about THE GREAT RESIGNATION, while nearly 40% of Americans are thinking about QUITTING their jobs, with “I QUIT” now being called a sign of an economic recovery. First, one of the most SELF EXPLANATORY reasons people are quitting:

They want to work from home. The reality is, many employees got USED to working remotely, not having a commute, and being able to focus on their work without any office distraction — and that’s something they want the option of keeping. In fact, it was found that “ One in 4 pandemic home buyers would choose to…

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